Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Can't even say Trick or Treat

It's Halloween...BOO!

Tonight while we were walking the dog and I was waiting outside the bodega while The Husband was cashing in his lottery winnings, there were tons of kids out scavenging for candy.

And that's exactly what they were doing, scavenging.

There was a girl sitting outside the store with a big container of candy - so that the kids wouldn't need to go inside.

Do you know that for the entire 8 minutes while I was standing there I heard not one 'trick or treat' nor 'thank you'

Seriously, not one.  And there were a lot of kids.

All they would do is stick their bag out, the girl would drop a piece of candy in it, they walked away.

Kids suck all the fun out of Halloween!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Beginning of the End

This does not bode well for us, does it?  According to the Farmer's Almanac - we may be getting snow by week's end here in the midwest......

Why is it that no one is concerned about the Mayan Prophecy?  Movies have been made about this exact moment and people are just like "Real life....meh....."  Book after book has been written about the Mayan Calendar and everyone now is just sort of "Real life....meh..."

But what if this really is the beginning of the end?  I didn't watch that last disaster movie, but I'm sure they showed clips from clueless reporters giving updates on the ever increasingly worse weather....which is what was all over the TV today.  One new coverage after the next for this "Frankenstorm Sandy" a mix of a Tropical Storm and No'r Easter.  So everyone is in a tizzy!

There have been all kinds of natural disasters happening this year, heck just this afternoon there was a significant earthquake somewhere, but wasn't newsworthy enough to devote any time to other than a brief mention.

It all starts with "natural disasters" doesn't it?  Hasn't anyone seen the movie where some guy has been monitoring this for years and it's actually happening......I can't believe that no one seemingly cares about the prophecy.

People died over that Mayan Calender and now everyone is like "Real life.....meh...."

I hope the Mayans were right!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A chair for one????

My husband had to go to the doctor the other day.....and of course we had to wait.  When I sat down this is what was staring at me from across the table.

It wasn't quite a couch, it definitely wasn't a love seat but it was most definitely much bigger than a normal person would need.  So is this a chair for one?

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Playing Telephone with Old People is Dangerous

I admit it, I'm old.  Once I got my first Senior Discount, I knew it was all downhill from there....and I wasn't even 40 then!  A lot of things change when you get older....especially your bodily functions.

And by bodily function I mean your hearing and sight.  When I got my new contacts last year, my Optometrist asked if I wanted them to see close or far away better....for some silly reason I said "Far away, of course" and I've been regretting it ever since when I have to hold EVERYTHING at arm's length to read it!  When I'm wearing my glasses I can just take them off and I'm good, but not so much with contacts, I need longer arms.

Earlier this summer I took my husband home to Pennsylvania to meet my parents and to see where I grew up.  While we were there we had a wonderful time and he got to meet a lot of my old friends, so many friends, so many good and wonderful people.  People that have in the last 20 years been scattered all across the country, me in Chicago, others to Seattle and yet others who weren't there at the time are now a part of our big clan.

We went out to lunch one afternoon.  You need to picture this, 8 women all at least 60 years old and all the way up to 80+, my father, myself, and my husband - a motley crew for sure!  But what fun and laughter we had that day.  We're sitting in a private room with two big tables pushed together and us all gathered around when my mother (at one end of the table) says "Let's play a game....let's play telephone like we did when we were kids."  Heck we all said YEAH cuz inside we're all still kids.  So my mother starts it off.

As she whispers in the first person ear the receiver says "You know, it's not a good thing to start off with the deaf one."  She was also the one that said "Friendship Sandwich" when the waitress said that the special that day was a French Dip Sandwich.   To which got us all giggling and laughing because we had no idea what she heard.  The game was was passed to the next person, who thought about for a second and shared it with the next and so on and so on until it got to my father (who was at the other end of the table) who chuckled and whispered in my ear "Chicken's have lips"

Chicken's have lips?  What the hell?  Ok, so I passed it on to my husband who had no idea what it meant and sent it on it's way. It worked it's way to the end of the table, right back next to my mother.  We were all excited to hear what came out and we waited with anticipation as the final receiver gathered her thoughts.

"What did you hear?  What did you hear?"  We wanted to know, and she blurted out "Something about Mexican Half-Wits?  What the heck does that mean?"  Oh my goodness, did we laugh at that!  "Mexican Half Wits" we all repeated, each adding their own flair to it.  So what did you say to start with, we all wanted to know.

My Mother smiled and said "What a Great Day Today Is" and we all wondered, how in the heck did that end up being Mexican Half-Wits?  We didn't have to think long or hard because we knew who the culprit Father!

I should have known something was up when he passed the phrase to me without a stutter.  Still how that ended becoming Mexican Half-Wits is still something we're all trying to figure out.....and still laughing about!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Boy Scouts just don't give a fuck

This flyer showed up in the office the other day.  The order form was face up and I saw Popcorn and thought YUM!  I love popcorn.

There were no prices on the order form side, as well there were no names on the order form either - so I guess I'd be the first one to order.  And then I flipped it over.....

The cheapest type of popcorn was $10 (which isn't bad) for 20 ounces.  That's a pound and quarter for those taking notes, which works out to about 0.50 cents an bad, or you could buy 2 pounds of unpopped corn for the same price.

Then I started looking at the other items on the sheet.....and the prices just went up from there!  $18, $20, $30, the prices just kept going up and up and up.....$45, $55 and the top of the top was $75.  I could not imagine buying $75 worth of popcorn!

It got me to thinking....those poor sucker Girl Scouts would have to sell almost 20 boxes of cookies to equal the highest priced Boy Scout does that mean that the Girl Scouts just want to work more for their money or does that mean the Boy Scouts just want to screw you over faster and harder?

Or does that make the Boys Scout smart because they're maximizing their audience and the girl scouts are stupid by working too hard to make the same amount of money?  Or does that make the Boys Scouts stupid because they're not getting multiple sales versus the Girl Scouts getting you to buy at least one box of EVERY flavor they have.

I think I'd prefer 5 different boxes of cookies compared to one type of popcorn, how about you?

Monday, October 01, 2012

Someone got new Doggles!

Someone got new Doggles! by Michael_Lehet
Someone got new Doggles!, a photo by Michael_Lehet on Flickr.
I bought Deeohji a pair of Doggles.

They're Goggles for Dogs and they're fabulous. Deeohji has always loved sticking his head out the window, but then show me a dog that doesn't. Since we drive mostly in the city we never really "get up to speed" so he gets to enjoy the wind blowing in his face.

But when we get some speed, the wind is too much for him, so he usually just curls up on the seat and takes a nap....but now he doesn't. Now when we get on the expressway he just sticks his head out further because the wind just goes right on by.

Since we've gotten him Doggles he's encouraging me to drive faster, run red lights and see what really happens when you hit 88 miles an hour! It's gotten so bad that when I come home from work he's sitting at the door waiting for me with his goggles on and ready to go for a drive!