Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Boy Scouts just don't give a fuck

This flyer showed up in the office the other day.  The order form was face up and I saw Popcorn and thought YUM!  I love popcorn.

There were no prices on the order form side, as well there were no names on the order form either - so I guess I'd be the first one to order.  And then I flipped it over.....

The cheapest type of popcorn was $10 (which isn't bad) for 20 ounces.  That's a pound and quarter for those taking notes, which works out to about 0.50 cents an bad, or you could buy 2 pounds of unpopped corn for the same price.

Then I started looking at the other items on the sheet.....and the prices just went up from there!  $18, $20, $30, the prices just kept going up and up and up.....$45, $55 and the top of the top was $75.  I could not imagine buying $75 worth of popcorn!

It got me to thinking....those poor sucker Girl Scouts would have to sell almost 20 boxes of cookies to equal the highest priced Boy Scout does that mean that the Girl Scouts just want to work more for their money or does that mean the Boy Scouts just want to screw you over faster and harder?

Or does that make the Boys Scout smart because they're maximizing their audience and the girl scouts are stupid by working too hard to make the same amount of money?  Or does that make the Boys Scouts stupid because they're not getting multiple sales versus the Girl Scouts getting you to buy at least one box of EVERY flavor they have.

I think I'd prefer 5 different boxes of cookies compared to one type of popcorn, how about you?

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