Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Can't even say Trick or Treat

It's Halloween...BOO!

Tonight while we were walking the dog and I was waiting outside the bodega while The Husband was cashing in his lottery winnings, there were tons of kids out scavenging for candy.

And that's exactly what they were doing, scavenging.

There was a girl sitting outside the store with a big container of candy - so that the kids wouldn't need to go inside.

Do you know that for the entire 8 minutes while I was standing there I heard not one 'trick or treat' nor 'thank you'

Seriously, not one.  And there were a lot of kids.

All they would do is stick their bag out, the girl would drop a piece of candy in it, they walked away.

Kids suck all the fun out of Halloween!


~Just me again~ said...

Kids really don't. We didn't have one kid this year. It was too cold...that never stopped us. Now kids go to the malls and go trick or treating there.

Michael Lehet said...

The MALL?! Really? That's just sad.