Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Beginning of the End

This does not bode well for us, does it?  According to the Farmer's Almanac - we may be getting snow by week's end here in the midwest......

Why is it that no one is concerned about the Mayan Prophecy?  Movies have been made about this exact moment and people are just like "Real life....meh....."  Book after book has been written about the Mayan Calendar and everyone now is just sort of "Real life....meh..."

But what if this really is the beginning of the end?  I didn't watch that last disaster movie, but I'm sure they showed clips from clueless reporters giving updates on the ever increasingly worse weather....which is what was all over the TV today.  One new coverage after the next for this "Frankenstorm Sandy" a mix of a Tropical Storm and No'r Easter.  So everyone is in a tizzy!

There have been all kinds of natural disasters happening this year, heck just this afternoon there was a significant earthquake somewhere, but wasn't newsworthy enough to devote any time to other than a brief mention.

It all starts with "natural disasters" doesn't it?  Hasn't anyone seen the movie where some guy has been monitoring this for years and it's actually happening......I can't believe that no one seemingly cares about the prophecy.

People died over that Mayan Calender and now everyone is like "Real life.....meh...."

I hope the Mayans were right!

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Gammagoblin said...

I've been wondering this myself. There was way more interest in the "doomsday" thing this time last year, but since March I don't think I've heard it mentioned once.

I'm surprised by this. I expected lots of cynical cash-ins to be taking place. Perhaps they're too busy hyping up Christmas, or perhaps we're all too distracted by the increasing chances of nuclear war in the Middle East to worry about the end of the world...