Saturday, December 08, 2012

Frozen Turkey Ass - Just in time for Christmas Dinner

Compliments of our local Baskin-Robbins/Dunkin Donuts, just in time for our big Christmas Dinner....I present to  you.....something that will horrify your guests........freak out little children......and melt all over your dessert table:

The Ice Cream Turkey Ass

This is their ice cream cake interpretation of a roasted turkey, like I said "it's THEIR interpretation"

It is a versatile piece of ice cream though, because if you turn it sideways it looks as though it would blend in nicely with the other taxidermy in your home, like that 10-point buck you shot in 1994.

So if you want to horrify your guests this Christmas season, then head down to your local BR/DD and get your very own Turkey Ass....and oh yeah, it's $31.99 plus Tax!

Jump on it!!!


Gamma Goblin said...

The "glazing" alone is enough to turn my stomach.

Michael Lehet said...

You should have seen it in real life!