Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Vintage Post: The day I got "stumbled upon'

You know, it's been a bit crazy around here for a while....I'm sure that you had no idea what was going on, and that's the way I wanted it to be.

I got Stumbled Upon a few weeks ago, and things are just starting to get back to normal - I swear I don't know how Madonna does it!

Stumble Upon is sorta like Digg where people submit stories and then everyone else votes and then suddenly something happens and you get hit with tons of traffic.

So here's what happened (a la Sophia Petrillo).....picture it, the Thursday before a big holiday, the biggest holiday in all of the United States....no, not Christmas, that's everyone's holiday...I mean The Fourth of July.

I was at work and it was super slow (being that it was a Holiday Weekend and all) and they told us that they were going to let us go home at 3:00 (so about an hour and half) whoo hooo!!!! I had checked my blogstats earlier in the morning and it was normal....30...maybe 40 hits. Well when I checked around 1:30 I was at 114....oh ok, that's a little high but I figured I just got hit by a robot or something. So around 3:00 I check again, and suddenly I'm up to 596 hits...WTF?!?

I don't think I've EVER gotten 596 hits in one day. I mean a few years ago when I spelled Jennifer Anniston's name wrong I got a whole bunch of clicks from other people that didn't know how to spell her name, and believe me you, there were a lot of people that didn't know how to spell her name (and probably still don't).

So I hit refresh, and now it's at 603 hits, wait, did I just get like 4 hits in 10 seconds, what the heck.

So I drilled down into my stats to see what was going on.....there was only one referring URL in my entire list......All of this traffic was coming from ONE URL, one freaking URL. Oh crap, what had I written that day, is this gonna get me in trouble?

No, you know what it was....it was a silly email that my Roommate had sent me, "Interesting Facts about the Body" it was cheesy so I posted it....some of you even commented on it (Thank you for doing that btw.)

By the time I got home from work, I was up somewhere around 3,400 hits, I couldn't believe that I could be getting this many hits from one blog post....and why oh why did it have to be one of my stupid blog posts, it couldn't have been something insightful or witty...oh wait, they would have had to have been reading a different blog then.....anyway, I kept eye on the stats and they kept growing and growing and growing.

At midnight on July 3, 2008 I ended the day with 13,063 hits, hey not bad when I consider 70 people poking their heads in a phenomenal day...I counted the traffic from 11:30pm to 12:30 pm and I got 1800 hits.....I was estatic and flabbergasted.....

On July 4th I had 8,758 hits and then all of the fun was over.....on the 5th of July I had a whopping 395 hits....you don't even want to know how big of a drop that is.....in a few days I was starting to level off and hit my regular numbers....but actually a few more than normal, so to all of my new readers out there....HEY!!! Leave me a comment and say hello.

I did find a few interesting things though:

- People don't browse, most people came to my site, read the post and walked out the door.

- People do not comment. Out of 20,000 hits, do you know how many new comments I got on that post? Uhm, NONE....Zip.....Zero, the only comments were from you guys....

- People will rip you a new butt-hole on Stumble if they don't like you.

- People will sing your praises on Stumble if they do like you.

- Your friends in real life have no idea how exciting this was for you.

- I'm glad that it's all over!

You know, we haven't had role call on here in a long time....if ever.....so tell me, where are you from?

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