Thursday, May 22, 2014

19 States Now Allow Same Sex Marriage - Where is it all taking us?

With the announcement from my home state of Pennsylvania earlier this week that they would now allow same-sex couples to get married it got me to thinking.

Currently 19 states allow same-sex marriage, that's almost 40% of the country, and it's amazing.  It's inevitable that we will soon have the Federal protections that marriage allow - perhaps by Presidential Executive Order on Obama's last day.  Wouldn't that be a nice present?

It got me to same-sex marriage is going to change America, especially television.

Think of all the new reality programs that they can recycle, but this time have it filled with gay casts......for example:

Groomzilla - we thought it was funny when it was the bride, so will it be funnier if it's a gay man?

Say Yes to the Tux - for the discerning gay man and the butch lesbian.  Will it be as interesting and tear inducing as the original?

Marriage Boot Camp - now with all the gay drama - could you just imagine!  I would watch that shit all night long....the cat fights, the bitchy queens, oh yes!

Gay Housewives of New York - oh wait, they already did that with The A-list, but that did not work at all, even more so when they moved it to Texas....those were obviously straight producers and they didn't know any better.

So what reality program would you re-cast with an exclusively gay cast?


Jordan said...

its so cool that you still write here! I found this through the "if wednesday is your birthday" post you wrote in 2008 :P keep it up!

Michael Lehet said...

Thanks for stopping by Joradn, I've never been able to officially say "I'm done" cuz I just keep coming back.

I hope to post more : -)

Stella said...

I have to tell you, we were watching Modern Family where Mitch & Cam get married (Oh, spoiler alert!) and Ewan asked me if it's legal now. When I told them yes, he said, "Oh, good. That's nice. It's 2014, mind you, what took them so long?"

Youth of today, huh?

Michael Lehet said...

Out of the mouth of babes!

It's wonderful to see such a turn....we're almost halfway there, so tell Ewan we're still fighting the fight and we appreciate his support : -)