Monday, May 26, 2014

Deeohji: Bunny Killer

So it's happened.....Deeohji killed a rabbit.

Well technically he didn't kill it, but he was involved in it's demise.  On our after work walk I was surprised that we saw 4 bunnies....during daylight hours that's crazy - but these bunnies are getting brazen!

We're almost home, walking down the "hill" that is Ridge Ave when we spot a bunny on the verge.  The Verge, you know, that green space between the sidewalk and the street. So we stop to look, like we always do.

Deeohji is stock still, the leash is slack and I can see his chest moving rapidly as he's trying to "smell that bunny."  The bunny is stock still going "oh shit, oh shit, oh shit."  It's a Mexican stand off of types, dog wanting to look at bunny, bunny wanting to make a quick escape.

The bunny is at an advantage even if he doesn't know it, Deeohji is on a leash, so all he can really do
is run in a six foot circle.  So we're standing.....we're looking......we're sniffing and then it happens.

The bunny twitches, Deeohji lurches and the bunny tries to make a quick escape......into the street.....just as a van is coming down the hill, gathering speed, going faster and faster and CRUNCH.

Fortunately there was a row of cars and a tree between us, but I stood there, mouth hung open, hand over my mouth saying "oh my gawd, what just happened?"

It's official, Deeohji is a bad ass bunny killer!

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