Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Way back in 2005 I conducted an unofficial poll to find out what Jolly Rancher flavor was the most popular.

One of the results of that poll was also finding out what flavor was the least popular.

The other day as I was walking back from a friends house I stopped in one of the little bodegas and they had this big container of Jolly Ranchers on the counter, only a nickle a piece.

But what got me was the predominant flavor that was in the container was GRAPE - the same reviled flavor that I discovered way back when.....only now, here it was in real life.

People had the choice to get whatever flavor Jolly Rancher they wanted and almost everyone has left the poor little Grape one in the container.

It was just funny to see the Jolly Rancher Experiment on a larger more public scale and they came to the same results as I one likes Grape.

But we like Grapes and Grape Jelly, so why not Grape Jolly Ranchers?

Why don't you like Grape Jolly Ranchers, you need to explain yourself?

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