Monday, December 28, 2015

Video Store Review

Not necessarily a too late review, but a gem on it's own.

So this reviewer has experience with late fees, which means that he's done it before.  He's probably of the age of the end of Blockbuster when they would do anything to get you to walk in to their fucking store.  He's probably a little bit entitled.

I love his "unfortunately" dude, if it's right before Christmas shouldn't you be packing and buying presents instead of renting a movie, why you waiting to the last minute?

I think he finally came to his own conclusion though, he wishes Blockbuster was still around.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Everyone hates grapes unless it's jelly or wine

Have you ever noticed that people seriously don't like grape....unless it's in jelly form or it's more popular form, wine? Way back in 2005 I coonducted a very scientific poll to determine what the most/least popular flavor of Jolly Rancher candy people liked, here's a link to the results.

The most disliked flavor, all around was Grape, and its not just candy flavors.  If you ask people what flavors they like they say cherry or watermelon or blue raspberry (uhm, when was the last time you saw a blue raspberry, I think those are called blackberries - and no, not the phone type) or fruit punch, hardly anyone says "Oh I just love grape" do they?  Grape flavored gums suck, grape flavored medicines suck, grape flavored Slurpees suck, but there is one grape flavor almost everyone gets behind - grape jelly.

Now I don't know about you, but I just LOVE grape jelly, and so does my husband, so much so that we have TWO opened bottles of grape jelly in the refrigerator right now.  It's my go to jelly, now don't get me wrong, I've got other jellies in there, some cranberry jelly from the amish and some marmalades, but grape jelly is my go to jelly.  If I'm having a PB&J, that J had better mean Grape Jelly.  No Strawberry Jelly and PB - ick, no Blueberry Jelly and PB - urgh, but Grape Jelly and PB - a match that rivals PB and Chocolate.

When you have a PB&J, what flavor does your J equal?  Leave a comment

Saturday, November 28, 2015

You thought your love of the McRib was strong? You got nothing!!!

Here you thought that your undying love of the McRib was the strongest in the land, but you're so so wrong.

Introducing, a lovely young lady who's name the mayor of Santa Clarita nor myself can pronounce:

Just imagine, a family tradition has been ruined because some lousy local managers have decided that they would not bring the McRib back to Santa Clarita, but instead have an "all day breakfast". Using the online tools don't help her, they only mock her by telling her that she has to go to the Bay area for some lovely pressed meat delight. The Mayor NEEDS to help because the folks that she talked to on the hotline don't take her seriously, it's too bad.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Getting caught in the rain and too soon Christmas decorations.

The lunchtime dog walk started like every other lunch time walk, only this time we were trying to get in between rain showers.

We had tried to go out an hour ago, but it was raining, now the sun was out and it looked delightful - dog leash hooked to dog, dog and I out the door.

As we get around the corner from our house I saw the first one....a fully decorated Christmas tree showcased in someone's window.  Fuck it's JUST Thanksgiving.

Then it hit me, we walked down the street I could smell food, turkeys roasting, hams glazing, pies baking, and someone else was burning a real fire....oh it smelled so good.

As we got further down the block - there was ANOTHER Christmas tree on display in all it's glory - seriously people, are you that into Christmas?

When we were half-way through our walk, literally the farthest distance from the house, the skies opened up and poured down the rain on us.  When I dumped Deeohji's waste in the waste can I was tempted to grab a piece of cardboard to cover my head for the long walk home....but I didn't.  I just grinned and bared it, took my justice with a side of soon to be smelly dog.

Fortunately on our return trip I saw someone who hadn't quite taken down their Halloween decorations, perhaps they'll just leave them up for the rest of the year, who knows.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Can I give my dog a concussion?

Because he REALLY loves it when I play tugsy with his stuffed animals in a rough way hard with him...but then I remember that "oh yeah, he's trying to kill it, not play with it?" But I wonder, could you give a dog a concussion by playing rough with them? I don't wanna give my puppy brain damage.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Imma Bee

Needs to be seen, to be believed.

Posted by Michael Lehet on Sunday, November 22, 2015

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Katy Perry Panda Circles The Drain

I'd almost forgotten about this
Panda as Katy Perry - Circle The Drain

Panda made another appearance recently and channeled one of Katy Perry's newest songs - Circle the Drain.Music: - Protected under Section 107 - Fair Use of the copyright law "The purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes"

Posted by Michael Lehet on Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday, November 12, 2015

She really had it out for that

It's has taken Tammy 320 days for her to be able to come to terms with writing this review.

You can tell that she really didn't want to write a bad review, but she just had to do it.

She finally bit the bullet and figured that NOW was the time for her to let people know, just how terrible this meat thermometer was.

She was denied the ability to write an actual review and I think that she still harbors that pain.

I feel for you Tammy, I really do!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Heroes Reborn: Sure ain't what it used to be

Heroes Reborn sure isn't anything like the original.

My friend Logan and I have been watching the new series, and unlike the original, we're just sorta "meh"

I think what the killer for me has been the lack of consistency from scene to scene.  It's almost like they just don't care, they're just there for the paycheck.

For example: in this latest episode: Game Over there was a scene where they had captured Harris and used him to get into the complex, they meet Miko she beats them up and Harris disappears.......and they keep on doing what they're doing.  They don't even care that Harris is gone?  It's almost like he wasn't there at all.

I mean, ok, if it were me, and I had kidnapped someone and used them to gain access to a top secret lab and then during a kerkuffle he sorta disappeared....I would freak the fuck out...where'd he go?  when's he coming back? Who's he coming back with?  But no....they just keep on going like he didn't even exist.

THEN he shows up with his clones and shit and Noah and the others hide on the other side of the bullet proof glass.  They take endless seconds showing them banging away at this impenetrable glass and the glass is all "meh, you can't fuck with me."  Bad guys disperse, Noah and company disperse, the hanger on (the guy in the flannel shirt) is shown walking out one side of the room they were in - the next thing you see, is him walking back into the original room (where the bad guys were) and confront his sister.

Wait, so he walked through a door, down a hall and probably through at least two more doors and he was on the other side of the impenetrable glass where the bad guys just were.  If that's ALL it took, then why didn't the bad guys just run down the hall and through a few doors and capture them?

The original Heroes was rife with hidden clues, you had to watch closely, pay attention, but not the reboot, in fact if you actually pay attention you might as well not watch at all.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Best Grilled Cheese EVER!

I made the best grilled cheese ever over the weekend.  It started out with breakfast, but I didn't know it at the time.

I had gotten some good bacon at the grocery store and decided to bake it in the oven instead of on the stove - hoping to save some of the splatter and mess.  BTW, baking bacon in the oven, on a rack is the best way to make bacon.

Back to my sammich.!  Lunch rolls around and I'm hungry......Along with the bacon I bought some of that Texas Toast because I also made French Toast for breakfast, so I decided to make a grilled cheese....with Texas Toast!

I had been lazy after breakfast and didn't wash the pan that I had fried the bacon in....thank goodness.  Because I used the fat from the bacon to slather on my Texas Toast and then grill to perfection.  I added some of that bacon and two kinds of cheese; some of those Kraft Singles that allegedly have like 3 cups of milk in each slice and some shredded cheddar.

I grilled that baby until it turned nice and golden, then I flipped it over and did the same thing to the other side......then when that bitch was ready I threw it on a plate and sliced it.

Fortunately I took a picture before I scarfed it down.......wish you were here.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Six-months too late

I do have a few joys in life:
- watching people run for a train (or a bus)
- reading one-star reviews on Yelp
- and watching trolls just troll

But one of my most favorite things in the world are negative yelp reviews that begin with statements like:  We went here last year and.....or We were here in February (and it's now December).

So I thought I'd start sharing some of my favorite ones.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

In Transit

I feel like a kid today.  I'm waiting for the mail to deliver a package I've been waiting for, for a very very long time.

I got email notification the other day that my "Quarterly Box" had shipped and to just "click here to check delivery status" which is like the worst thing in the world!

Do you remember the first time you ordered something through the mail as a kid?  I think my first mail disappointment were those damn Sea Monkeys.  But oh the excitement of reading the ad at the back of the comic book and then saving money for them.

All the while thinking "I'm gonna have some damn Sea Monkey's man....I'm gonna be da shit."  You're already thinking of tricks you're going to teach them because the advertisement said that they were highly trainable.

Then you've saved up enough money and convinced your mother to take you to the post office so you could get a money order for the exact amount of those Sea Monkeys and their dreaded "postage and handling fee" and you stamp the envelope stuff in the money order and hand it off to the postman and tell him to take "dear care of this, I'm getting Sea Monkeys."

And then you wait.....and you wait.....and you forget....and then you remember.....then you wait.....then you wait.......then about a month in you get nervous.  Did something happen to my order?  Is the mail man conspiring against me?  Did i not include enough money?  Every day you come home and ask "did I get anything?" which comes back with a resounding no!

There's no phone number to call, you can't ask the mail man because how the heck would he know where your package was, you couldn't write another letter because it most likely would pass in the mail and you do not want to piss off the Sea Monkey people because they apparently have the monopoly on the much needed Sea Monkey Food!  So you just wait.

Suddenly in one of those forgetful periods, you come home from school and there's a box there and it's got your name on it and it's all beat to fuck.  But you don't care because you just got some god damn Sea Monkey's my friend!  Suddenly you forgot about the time consuming process it took you to get something, you HAD what you wanted!  Hip hip hooray!

So yeah, I ordered the Digg Quarterly and it's being delivered today via US Mail.  And I've been downstairs THREE times already to see if that mail lady has been here yet!

Actually I think my first "mail order" was actually a disk drive for my Ti-99 4/a.

What did you order when you were a kid?

Friday, May 01, 2015

Other Great Stuff Nearby

I love reading 1 and 2 star Yelp reviews.  I can't help myself, I guess I like to see what really pisses people off - and alot of time, it's just petty bullshit, other times though there's a legitimate

My favorite type though are the months (or even years) late reviews: We came here in 2012 or last time my sister was in town for the holdiays.

But what really caught my eye, was this review on Spark Energy...well, not so much the review, but what came after the review the "Other Great Stuff Nearby"links.

Which in this example included:  The Social Security Office, The Secretary of State/DMV Office and finally the Public Library.

I don't know about you, but only 1 out of those 3 would I consider "Other Great Stuff Nearby"

Oh  Yelp, you always amuse!