Friday, October 23, 2015

Heroes Reborn: Sure ain't what it used to be

Heroes Reborn sure isn't anything like the original.

My friend Logan and I have been watching the new series, and unlike the original, we're just sorta "meh"

I think what the killer for me has been the lack of consistency from scene to scene.  It's almost like they just don't care, they're just there for the paycheck.

For example: in this latest episode: Game Over there was a scene where they had captured Harris and used him to get into the complex, they meet Miko she beats them up and Harris disappears.......and they keep on doing what they're doing.  They don't even care that Harris is gone?  It's almost like he wasn't there at all.

I mean, ok, if it were me, and I had kidnapped someone and used them to gain access to a top secret lab and then during a kerkuffle he sorta disappeared....I would freak the fuck out...where'd he go?  when's he coming back? Who's he coming back with?  But no....they just keep on going like he didn't even exist.

THEN he shows up with his clones and shit and Noah and the others hide on the other side of the bullet proof glass.  They take endless seconds showing them banging away at this impenetrable glass and the glass is all "meh, you can't fuck with me."  Bad guys disperse, Noah and company disperse, the hanger on (the guy in the flannel shirt) is shown walking out one side of the room they were in - the next thing you see, is him walking back into the original room (where the bad guys were) and confront his sister.

Wait, so he walked through a door, down a hall and probably through at least two more doors and he was on the other side of the impenetrable glass where the bad guys just were.  If that's ALL it took, then why didn't the bad guys just run down the hall and through a few doors and capture them?

The original Heroes was rife with hidden clues, you had to watch closely, pay attention, but not the reboot, in fact if you actually pay attention you might as well not watch at all.

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