Friday, November 27, 2015

Getting caught in the rain and too soon Christmas decorations.

The lunchtime dog walk started like every other lunch time walk, only this time we were trying to get in between rain showers.

We had tried to go out an hour ago, but it was raining, now the sun was out and it looked delightful - dog leash hooked to dog, dog and I out the door.

As we get around the corner from our house I saw the first one....a fully decorated Christmas tree showcased in someone's window.  Fuck it's JUST Thanksgiving.

Then it hit me, we walked down the street I could smell food, turkeys roasting, hams glazing, pies baking, and someone else was burning a real fire....oh it smelled so good.

As we got further down the block - there was ANOTHER Christmas tree on display in all it's glory - seriously people, are you that into Christmas?

When we were half-way through our walk, literally the farthest distance from the house, the skies opened up and poured down the rain on us.  When I dumped Deeohji's waste in the waste can I was tempted to grab a piece of cardboard to cover my head for the long walk home....but I didn't.  I just grinned and bared it, took my justice with a side of soon to be smelly dog.

Fortunately on our return trip I saw someone who hadn't quite taken down their Halloween decorations, perhaps they'll just leave them up for the rest of the year, who knows.

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