Sunday, December 13, 2015

Everyone hates grapes unless it's jelly or wine

Have you ever noticed that people seriously don't like grape....unless it's in jelly form or it's more popular form, wine? Way back in 2005 I coonducted a very scientific poll to determine what the most/least popular flavor of Jolly Rancher candy people liked, here's a link to the results.

The most disliked flavor, all around was Grape, and its not just candy flavors.  If you ask people what flavors they like they say cherry or watermelon or blue raspberry (uhm, when was the last time you saw a blue raspberry, I think those are called blackberries - and no, not the phone type) or fruit punch, hardly anyone says "Oh I just love grape" do they?  Grape flavored gums suck, grape flavored medicines suck, grape flavored Slurpees suck, but there is one grape flavor almost everyone gets behind - grape jelly.

Now I don't know about you, but I just LOVE grape jelly, and so does my husband, so much so that we have TWO opened bottles of grape jelly in the refrigerator right now.  It's my go to jelly, now don't get me wrong, I've got other jellies in there, some cranberry jelly from the amish and some marmalades, but grape jelly is my go to jelly.  If I'm having a PB&J, that J had better mean Grape Jelly.  No Strawberry Jelly and PB - ick, no Blueberry Jelly and PB - urgh, but Grape Jelly and PB - a match that rivals PB and Chocolate.

When you have a PB&J, what flavor does your J equal?  Leave a comment

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David said...

Strawberry. I am a fan of grape but what puts Strawberry over the top are the chunks of berries.