Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

I just have to share this story from last night, because it's just the funniest damn thing.

Some things to know:
- our house is always cold, even with the heat on
- the floors are cold because we're over an unheated storage area
- whenever we have company I always have slippers on hand for people to wear

We had friends over for NYE last night, drill was the same, come in, hug, kiss, take the coat, take off the shoes put on slippers, time to party.

Everything is going fine until Deeohji decides that because Uncle Logan is here, he needs a late night walk.  So Logan agrees to go for a walk, Deeohji is excited.  He goes to put on his shoes and I hear him say "Where'd my shoes go?"

Shortly before this, David had left to go pick up his boyfriend from work, so we figured that somehow, David must have accidentally put on Logan's shoes, because Logan's shoes were no where to be found, I mean we even looked in the closet like a ghost had stolen his shoes and we couldn't find them.

So yeah, David had to have had them, size 11 and all.

I take Deeohji for a walk, come back, we're all settling down in the couch to watch something on TV when Logan looks over at Gregory and says "You're wearing my shoes.  I know because I walk on the outsides of my feet."

Well come to find out, when Gregory came in, I took his coat, offered the slippers and he grabbed the biggest closest pair....which just happened to be Logan's.

I know it's a stupid story, but it was just so funny last night because it was such a big deal of not being able to find Logan's shoes.

I hope you have a wonderful 2016.

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