Sunday, April 17, 2016

Preparing for Vegas: Raising Alcohol Tolerance

I'm going to Vegas in a month to visit my BFF and his boyfriend.  They moved there in February to get away from these blasted Midwestern winters.

They were my drinking buddies and since they left, I really haven't had that much to drink....which means I'm in trouble if I don't get my tolerance back up.

I can see it now, don't drink for 3 months, go to Vegas, have 2 drinks, pass out drunk take 3 out of 5 days to recover...nope, not gonna happen.

This weekend I kicked off the RAT4V (Raising Alcohol Tolerance 4 Vegas) Program in preparation.

Friday night I went with my friend Gregory to the Rogers Park Social Club for a cocktail and food truck venture - every Friday a foodtruck stops in front of the bar so you can have a drink and a bite.  This week it was Wow Bao and I had a big Ginge Shandy something or other that got me really woozy!

Sunday afternoon Gregory invited me to go with him to a friends birthday party at R Public House and they've got this delicious grapefruit beer Stiegl-Radler - OMG add a shot of vodka and boom you're outta there because it's so fruity and goes down so quickly.

This week I plan on having at least 2 drinks on the ride home from work, it's only 18 minutes but I think I can do it.  They sell beer and wine leading to the tracks and alcohol is allowed on Metra, so I think I'm gonna grab me a box of wine or something from CVS and get buzzed before I get home.

Next week I'll bump it up to three nights and I think I'll keep the party going one night til after dinner.  I think if I follow that up with an early start drinking on Friday until at least midnight I think I'll be back on track and ready to party it up in Vegas.

See that's the problem with people going to Vegas and getting so drunk they can't function....they didn't practice.

Partying in Vegas is not for the weak, you've got to have a plan!!!!

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