Monday, February 13, 2017

Updating the Dog GPS

This is our dog Deeohji, we recently had a medical scare with him and he ended up in the animal hospital for three days and "in recovery" at home for about 2 weeks.

He's doing better now and we have a follow-up appointment later this week, but ever since the "scare" he's been sniffing up a storm.

During the recovery period we wouldn't spend much time outdoors, literally pee, poop and back in the house.  Honestly he wasn't up to much walking either, in fact we've just gotten back in to our normal "walk around the block."

One strange thing since then is that he is a sniffing fiend.  Literally he'll walk 30 feet and have to stop and sniff the air, seeing who's around.

I'm wondering if his stay at the hospital reset his doggy GPS?

So now our walks take twice as long because he's trying to remap the neighborhood.

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